Kate Branch BA (UNSW) MA (UWS).

Kate Branch is a professional photographer based in North Sydney, Australia. Kate completed undergraduate studies in Visual Arts at the University of NSW. Kate also has a Masters in Art Therapy from the University of Western Sydney. 

Kate is also the author of How to Look Good In Photos. Kate’s book provides logical tips for accentuating facial expressions, posture, how to position hands and body angles so the photos are a gem, first time around. Have you ever wondered why celebrities look so good in photos? From smart phones selfies, to professional cameras at big events- there is always a picture being taken. From the dating game, to the boardroom, and even your holidays. Images are captured so learn professional photographer Kate Branch's tricks and look your best! 

People enjoy this book for many reason. Some are 
-A big event might be arriving soon and you want to look your best 
- You may need great images for online dating 
- You may want to update your professional  linkedIn account.  
- You also may just want the best "you" recorded in everyday family memories. 

Get your paperback  or ebook copy today and start creating great photos of yourself! Kate's book is in the Australian National library, NSW state library, and local Stanton and Mosman libraries. 

Here’s a short video from Kate's Youtube channel giving photogenic tips and tricks. 

Kate's work has been exhibited at at TAP Gallery Darlinghurst, The Australian Affordable Art Fair, St Vincent's Private Hospital Darlinghurst, the University of New South Wales, and the University of Western Sydney. Kate's photographic work remains in two permanent collections at two Sydney hotels, Cremorne Point Manor and Glenferrie Lodge Kirribilli. You can check out Kate's Blog for her recent landscape work .

A recent article sharing Kate's photographic tips published in the Los Angeles Daily is below or check it out 

Kate Branch, photographer and author of “How to Look Good in Photos: His and Hers Tips and Tricks,” said her wish is for everyone to have at least one good picture of himself. 

Here is her professional advice for selfies: 

• Practice: It may not make things perfect, but it does make selfies better. Branch advises people to practice taking selfies and photos with friends in different poses. Professional models know their best sides. 

• Lighting: Don’t worry so much about the backdrop and instead concentrate on the light source in order to eliminate shadows. • Angles: The location of the camera matters. Selfies often can be taken at the wrong angle and capture double chins and nostrils. Face the camera at an angle so the chin looks its leanest. 

• Capture the true you: If you love hats, then wear them in the photos. The more relaxed you are in your selfie, the better. Selfies have put capturing snapshots more than within arm’s reach. 

The social media self-portrait phenomenon has become a go-to tool for those who want to broadcast to the world where they are, whether that be in the car, at school, work, Disneyland or even in front of the Eiffel Tower. When the Oxford Dictionaries proclaimed “selfie” as the word of the year in 2013, it solidified the trend, which everyone from President Obama to Pope Francis has gotten in on. A year later, there’s no sign of the practice disappearing as businesses, retailers and authors aim to capitalize on the selfie. 

Selfies and everything to do with smartphones and apps are now social entertainment. I expect to see a lot of ‘elfies’ with Christmas coming. Really, the sky’s the limit.” Capturing memories with photos is far from new, but now the focus is no longer a photo of a person at a place, but simply the person, Silverman said. There’s something about the selfie that is quick, easy, fun and nonthreatening, especially because one can always delete and retake them at will, said Kate Branch, a professional portrait photographer in Australia who just released her book, “How to Look Good in Photos: His and Hers Tips and Tricks,” on Amazon.com. “I really believe in the power of an image, any image,” Branch said. “If you capture a positive image of yourself, it becomes your own personal cheerleader and positive reinforcement. You will be unstoppable.” For more updates check out Kate's blog here

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